Thursday, November 1, 2012


After a cross country journey with my daughter, I had the pleasure of flying back home.
This photo was taken in the early morning.
It has not been edited or enhanced, the colors were naturally beautiful.
Flying in the early morning gave me joy and inspiration.
It felt great to be above it all.

Thursday, August 16, 2012


Sometimes a photo may by itself, seem ordinary or routine.  But when it becomes part of a cluster it develops into a story.

While watching this robin, I could have easily passed it off as not worth getting my camera for.  But since it stayed in that same spot for a few seconds, it held my attention.  What could be in that little mind?

I grabbed my camera and spent the next several minutes documenting it's visit .

Most of the images by themselves didn't amount to much, but assembling this group of four made an amusing collection.

Sure, I had more important things to do, but editing this piece was a refreshing break.

I'll never know what was in the mind of this little bird, but I'm sure many a story can be put to it.

Every picture tells a story.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012


So there I was, sitting at the computer, busy at work, when the commotion started.  Hurry! Come here, quick! This could mean either my wife and daughter were in grave danger or a new tomato is ready to be picked.

A Black and Yellow (or Golden) Argiope
 Well, there it sets; a Black and Yellow Argiope, also called a Golden Argiope.  Right off the bat, I thought because of it's markings, "this can't be good." The last thing I needed was to have to get rid of a big nasty spider.  But of course being a little adventurous, before I put my life in danger by wrestling a creature that may impale me with all kinds of vile fluids, landing me in the emergency room turning purple and blue, while in partial rigor mortis, I ran to get my camera. After all, how could anyone miss this photo op!

Golden Argiope from behind
Before planning a possible ambush, I grabbed a few photos and we went online to do some study on this nasty invasion.  The last thing we needed in the yard this year was another war.  The yellow jackets were particularly abundant despite a number of spray cans of that stinky white foam.

As it turns out, this garden spider is our friend and preys on yellow jackets! What a relief!  I knew all along I could beat that spider in any fight,  fair or unfair.  I just don't have to prove my manliness this time.

So, having the opportunity to see another new creature in our garden habitat, I'm relieved that once again, in every situation, stay calm, and Don't Panic!

Friday, July 6, 2012


The Adirondack region of the United States provides it's own share of rugged conditions.  Each season can be extreme and very different from each other.  From cold and snowy "Nor Easter" storms to the steamy three H's (hazy, hot, and humid) summers and everywhere in between.

But along with it's challenges, comes a beauty no one can deny, and many are drawn to.

The colors are ever changing and vibrant.

This is a photo of a sunset in Saratoga (the southern portion of the Adirondacks) where I live.  I did not add any enhancement to the colors.  When taking this photo I tried to match the colors using "live view" by adjusting the exposure only.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012


When out and about with your camera, the temptation may be to simply take a picture.  When viewing it later one may ask, "Now why did I take that one?" as you look at a wide shot of a crowd, and improperly exposed hand.

Think about what is inspiring you to pick up the camera, and zero in on it.  In this case, it seemed the whole world was stopping for this exciting moment between a person and a giraffe. There is a closeness and anticipation, as the large beast gently takes the cracker.

This image will bring back memories of the experience for years.

When taking a picture, ask, "What's your point?"

Monday, June 25, 2012


It's easy to busy one's self looking around at all of the big scenes around us.

Trees, landscapes, mountains, and seas are hard to miss. But there is beauty in the little things as well.

My wife and daughter set up a migration stop for Monarch Butterflies.
Every year we anxiously wait for the caterpillars to begin feeding on the Milkweed, knowing the majestic Monarch will grace our habitat.

Little hidden treasures become a big thrill when they are discovered.

Look for the little things.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012


My wife is a real bird lover and the backyard proves it. She spends time each week making a comfortable habitat for as much nature as possible.

There's nothing like having nothing to do (for brief moment), sitting on the deck with a camera, and enjoying our visitors.

Photographing birds is not always easy.  It takes a lot of patience and a steady hand.  But there is great pleasure to be found all around us.

Sometimes you don't have to look very far.

Friday, June 15, 2012

Wednesday, June 13, 2012


Take Pictures!

Never be deterred by any weather condition.

It was a cold, wet, cloudy, and depressing day.  What a  perfect time for a walk.

I enjoyed the subdued colors and quiet mood from this old town on a gloomy day.

A darker black and white photograph was the result.

Sometimes you have to just push yourself to get up and out.  We don't always have to be happy.  Photography may evoke any thought, feeling or emotion.

Rolling with the conditions can sometimes lead to a rewarding end result.  But one thing is certain... On a cloudy day

Take Pictures!

Thursday, May 17, 2012


This panoramic is a "stitching" from four separate images.

This is the Cohoes Falls in the upstate NY area, part of the Mohawk River.  It is the second largest waterfalls in New York State.  (Niagara Falls being the largest).

It has a lot of history behind it, much of it relating to the Mohawk Indians.

Because it changes so often, (from roaring to dry and everywhere in between), the photographer is constantly drawn back to it.  I thrilled at the opportunity to add this to my collection, and have a growing urge to grab as many more panorama's as I can.

Monday, May 7, 2012


The largest full moon of the year

I had to stay awake to get this photo, so my daughter and I stayed up to watch an old black and white thriller.  At midnight I stepped outside onto the deck and had a stellar view!

What made this event more enjoyable was the realization that many thousands of people were taking their version of this "lesser light" also.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012


This is a guest post from my wife, Chris, of Exartizo Images. 

I have always said to my husband, "Photography is the tool I use for capturing images of the things I love."  I am not a techie person, but I love taking pictures of nature.  My husband is my guru for anything techie and in turn, I am the perfect subject for him to learn how to communicate simply to someone who does not get anything techie. 

So, here we are the guru and the nature lover out in the woods on the hottest day of the year ( 91 degrees with no shade) with our 11 year old daughter.   I really do want to learn how to use my camera to its fullest so I can share with others what I enjoy. 

My assignment was to take pictures of tree knots. I did get a lot of cool pictures of tree knots, but my daughter's patience was waining.  The woods looked drab, it has been very dry here, hardly any snow this winter and now no rain to speak of.  Things just don't look pretty.  Thus, I think the reason for the assignment. There is beauty in nature, just look.

We spent about an hour in the woods and I knew my daughter was hot and bored.  She had forgotten to charge her camera battery from the previous day.  We took a shortcut to get back to the car.  Suddenly, we heard a rustle in the leaves. My daughter jumped with a scream. I looked down and two Garter snakes were slithering away.  My husband unknowingly walked right over them. It took a few moments for my daughter to say her usual, "Aahhh they are cute."  Once we all got over the initial reaction of something moving under our feet, we enjoyed the photo op.

I smile at how nature surprises you.  It turned our hot boring day, in my daughter's eyes, to "That was fun, what a great walk."  All because of a couple of common Garter snakes. 

This was an unexpected surprise.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Just Be Yourself

The other day I was watching a video clip of a photographer at a shoot.  There is no question about the photographer's well earned good reputation.  The point was to see the person in action, how they worked. 

Since I have experience in training photographers, I was inspired to write this.
Of all the tips I could give budding as well as experienced photographers, this one to me has the most impact on their success.  Here it is.  Just Be Yourself.  That's it.  Once you get the basics of the craft, it's simply a matter of self confidence.

A fellow photographer friend once told me that within the first few seconds he spends with his subject, he already knows what he wants to accomplish.  As we worked together, I found this to be pretty much the case for me as well.  It then becomes a matter of confidently bringing this mental picture into fruition.
Be yourself.  The thought is in you, how do you bring it out?  Use your own words, your own personality, your own body language.
(Remember to be aware of the rules of society, customs, culture etc.)
The worst thing you can do to yourself is to imitate someone else.  The reason they may be successful is because they are confident in who they are, not the particular mannerism or vocabulary they use.
There are principles that work, but principles and techniques are not limited to one or two people.  Principles and techniques can be utilized by anyone with practice.

Photography is art and skill. There is certainly a science behind it also, but the art is all up to you.  You are the only you and singularly unique.

Never get discouraged when someone else gets the job or account.  The more you develop your own style, the more people and projects will come your way.

Within self confidence lies another ingredient.  It is called "authority."  It is this authority that appropriates the results you desire.  Self confidence allows your authority to communicate to the end that it may get received and acted upon.For example, a subject may seem dry or not very animated.  If I don't believe I can get a natural, relaxed look from him or her, I will have no "command."  But if I know what I want (knowing not to go beyond the basic possibilities of the particular subject), and am confident in my ability to get that shot, I will speak and communicate with authority (not volume).  The subject will naturally follow my direction and bring into view my desired results.If I lack assurance, this will be transferred to the subject and he or she will become unsure as well.  The result will be a photo that lacks the inner look and life of the subject.  We may see an outward smile only, but miss the life on the inside, the look in the eyes and the essence of the person within.

The photographer's relaxed nature will bring out relaxed nature.  An enthusiastic nature will bring out enthusiasm.  What you genuinely bring into the session will help you carve out your niche.  We attract and detract people every day.  By being confident in your own individual way, you will attract your own clientele.

Just be yourself.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Try Something Different

Enter The Mist

While on our way to a photo shoot early one morning, the temptation was to be routine and not very exciting.  My fellow photographer and I have traveled this highway many, many times.  One early foggy morning, I wondered what the fog would look like at a certain clearing along the Mohawk River.  As we approached the clearing, I asked my photo buddy to grab my camera (which is always on hand and ready to go), and just start photographing.  Being a bit of a spontaneous person, she did, and came up with a handful of interesting images.  It was a whim, a chance to try something different.  Sure, there were more unusable images than keepers, but it was a good experiment and we had a good time.  I edited this in a way that is not my usual style, but I wanted to try something different.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Is Your Camera Always Ready

I grew up in a camera ready family. Every event was documented with slides, prints, Polaroids, 8mm silent movies and VHS tapes.

It finally came time for me to treat myself to a new fancy digital camera... so I did.  It was time to pack the old SLR workhorse into a box and start using a digital that would go everywhere I did (including trips to the corner store).

On a routine day coming back from an errand, I spotted a hawk watching from a tree. It took driving around the block a couple of times to get positioned so I could photograph it from the driver side window (while in a safe spot on the side of the road).  The hawk actually stayed there the whole time and allowed the photo op.  Thank you Mr. hawk.  Sometimes the unexpected treat will come along and the photographer with a ready camera will receive the reward. 

Is your camera always ready?

Thursday, January 26, 2012


The purpose of this site is to be a resource for all those who enjoy photography.

Whether one is a professional, hobbiest, enthusiast or occasional picture taker, keeping the joy and simplicity in the task is what this site is all about.

Over time, it is expected that this site will contain a wealth of explanations, procedures, processes, how to's, nutshells etc., in simple, easy to grasp language.

The goal is to give any photographer (small or great) a simple to the point answer regarding questions, setups, equippment etc.

Feel free to request topics of interest.