I've been photographing for many years covering everything from concerts (in front of and behind the stage), theatre, weddings, conventions, head shots for business, and every area of school photos. (I've taken somewhere near 50,000 school portraits).

My background is in photography, videography, and audio, providing services in education, the law and entertainment.

Being in business for thirty years has allowed me to be in many problem solving positions. I've come to know that every side has a good point; we just need to get it all to fit together.

The purpose of this site is to be a resource for all those who enjoy photography.

Whether one is a professional, hobbyist, enthusiast or occasional picture taker, keeping the joy and simplicity in the task is what this site is all about.

Over time, it is expected that this site will contain a wealth of explanations, procedures, processes, how to's, nutshells etc., in simple, easy to grasp language.

The goal is to give any photographer (small or great) a simple to the point answer regarding questions, setups, equipment etc.

Feel free to request topics of interest.

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