Thursday, August 16, 2012


Sometimes a photo may by itself, seem ordinary or routine.  But when it becomes part of a cluster it develops into a story.

While watching this robin, I could have easily passed it off as not worth getting my camera for.  But since it stayed in that same spot for a few seconds, it held my attention.  What could be in that little mind?

I grabbed my camera and spent the next several minutes documenting it's visit .

Most of the images by themselves didn't amount to much, but assembling this group of four made an amusing collection.

Sure, I had more important things to do, but editing this piece was a refreshing break.

I'll never know what was in the mind of this little bird, but I'm sure many a story can be put to it.

Every picture tells a story.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012


So there I was, sitting at the computer, busy at work, when the commotion started.  Hurry! Come here, quick! This could mean either my wife and daughter were in grave danger or a new tomato is ready to be picked.

A Black and Yellow (or Golden) Argiope
 Well, there it sets; a Black and Yellow Argiope, also called a Golden Argiope.  Right off the bat, I thought because of it's markings, "this can't be good." The last thing I needed was to have to get rid of a big nasty spider.  But of course being a little adventurous, before I put my life in danger by wrestling a creature that may impale me with all kinds of vile fluids, landing me in the emergency room turning purple and blue, while in partial rigor mortis, I ran to get my camera. After all, how could anyone miss this photo op!

Golden Argiope from behind
Before planning a possible ambush, I grabbed a few photos and we went online to do some study on this nasty invasion.  The last thing we needed in the yard this year was another war.  The yellow jackets were particularly abundant despite a number of spray cans of that stinky white foam.

As it turns out, this garden spider is our friend and preys on yellow jackets! What a relief!  I knew all along I could beat that spider in any fight,  fair or unfair.  I just don't have to prove my manliness this time.

So, having the opportunity to see another new creature in our garden habitat, I'm relieved that once again, in every situation, stay calm, and Don't Panic!